Manufacturer of IML containers

(iml containers roducer)

(In mold labeling) means that at the same time with the production of the container, labeling is done inside the mold.
Containers produced by the above method, the label is an integral part of the body of the container.
This new method of labeling is a newer and superior alternative to direct printing on containers than the old methods of labeling.
IML container production process:

First, the label produced with a polymeric material similar to the container material is transferred into the mold.

Then the injection process of plastic materials is done.
By injecting plastic molten material into the mold, the label and the plastic container are joined together so that the label can no longer be separated from the body of the container in any way.

IML containers

IML container production process:

The printed and ready-made labels are removed by the robot and inserted into the mold, which designs, prints and dies the label requested by the customer.

Fixing the label on the mold wall with static electricity by injecting molten plastic materials into the mold and the label becomes part of the body.

At the same time, the labeled piece is separated from the mold by the robot and the next label is placed in the mold and this process is repeated.
The use of IML containers in the packaging industry is not limited and almost all types of products can be packaged and marketed using the IML method.
Benefits of new IML packaging:
IML containers have all the features needed for a stylish export package, including standard hygiene.
Here are some of the advantages of these containers compared to other packaging methods:

Attracts the customer because of the beauty and impressiveness of the product.

Increase sales and add more value to the product

Due to the use of special robots, containers are not contaminated during production and packaging

More durability of products to maintain consumer health

Reusable for home use
Due to the high durability of photo printing on the packaging, it causes free and permanent advertising of the product

High quality logo and photo colors and printing on dishes and variety in design

Competitive price and affordability of these dishes

Much higher resistance to water and uneven surfaces